Artists Notes


Along the Arno:

The Arno River is as rich with history as the city of Florence.  In fact, the river flooded the entire city under 6 to 10 feet of water in 1966.  Many of the cities churches and museums were inundated and priceless art work was lost or threatend.  Jackie Kennedy came to the rescue and spurred American assistance in the "Save Florence" campaign.  With the timely assistance and countless hours of labor, the majority of the city's art treasures were saved.


"Along the Arno" …This painting was done on site.  The old man and his samoyed came along during the composition.  Another old man paused for a smoke along the wall.

In the spring the river's edge is surrounded by wild flowers and sun seekers basking on the cement embankments soaking up culture and vitamin D.

16"x20" Oil on Canvas

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