Master Copies:

Like Music Masters, virtually all the Art Masters from Leonardo/ Michelangelo/Raphael/Titian/ Rubens/Van Dyck and even forward to Sargent would make "Master Copies" of paintings or portions of paintings as a way to "learn from their Master predecessors".  At the time of his death, The Master, Van Dyck, had copied, among others, 17 Titians.  I love the wisdom within the tradition and feel a kindredship with the original Masters when emulating them.  This section offers some of the Master copies from which I have learned.


"Thomas/ of Raphael's, La Donna Velata (The Woman Vailed)"

Raphael is one of my favorite painters. He especially has a beautiful way of capturing the senitivity and beauty of women. La Donna Velata was his long time muse and lover at the time of Raphael's seeming premature death. Undoubtedly she was destrough over the loss of him. In painting her, I could get a sense of her captivating beauty and sensitivty that Raphael so appreciated. The elegant vail and gown pale in comparison to la donna.

24"x32" Oil on Linen

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