Unlike a painted portrait, a sculptured portrait can capture a tangible image.  The artist/viewer can touch the image and feel the shape of a cheekbone, nose or lips. Portraits are best done with a live model.  Typically, a portrait can be completed in 3 to 5 three hour sessions with the model.



Artists Notes


As I've stated, I love to sketch.  That's why I think sculpture seems so fascinating to me.

Essentially, a sculpture "in the round" is like an almost infinite number of sketches all linked together in three dimensions.  I've told people it's almost like turning a lathe.  With each turn, the artist is offered a new challenge to hone in, i.e. to get it right from the new angle.  That's also what I like about realism…you just can't fake it…if the shape's not right, or if the proportions aren't right, the sculpture will look strange.  The converse is also true.  With sculpture, if the shape or proportion is right, all the "half tones" i.e. the transitions from dark to light, will take care of themselves…no matter the light source and the viewer can, and should, be entertained no matter from what angle he chooses to observe the sculpture.  The bottom line…Good sculpture….just works!

"Izzy" …she was a uniquely pretty girl.  The longer she posed, the more relaxed she became.  Her mouth would open slightly and she became wistful in her expression.  After a brief coffee break, during one of our sessions, she came back with her thick hair tousled.  It was artistic in its asymmetric disarray.


Terra cotta, Life Size