"The Process" (A Mother's Love)

As I stated earlier, I nearly always carry a sketch book, and then, when moved, try to capture the feel of a scene I might encounter. Back in the studio, I can alter and improve the sketch, choose the lighting that I like, and find colors that work harmoniously and create greater sensitivity.

When I finished the original sketch, Janna, (the Madonna) was in profile. But, as the sketch and painting progressed, I felt it more poignant and tender to rotate her. I started the actual color of the painting on Christmas eve...it was a nice, peaceful way to stay connected to the true meaning of the season. To keep the composition centered, I kept the Madonna's vale light. I also lighten the background with a soft, ethereal blue. The flow of the arms and and folds of the gowns keep the viewers eyes rotating back to the interface of mother and child.

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